BRING BACK TEDDY is a pervasive game that takes place in the city. This game is played by two to four people during each session, at least one player at the ‘bedside’ and one at the ‘teddyside’. A session takes about 15 minutes.

The goal is to bring teddy, a lost plushie, back to his bed. Teddy is played by a passerby who takes place on the bed and gives teddy a voice through the communication box and headphones. This player is able to see and hear what teddy sees and hears when he uses the communication box. ‘Teddy’ needs a passerby to pick him up and bring him back to bed. The bedside player has a map to help the teddyside player navigate. Both players need to work together to achieve their goal.

Our fascination for this project came from meetings between two strangers and giving life to inanimate objects. We have done several tests with different kind of objects to see which would stimulate a stranger most. The plushies were most successful and therefore we decided to use these as our lost objects.

This project was a collaboration with Nieneke Hartogsveld and Lisa Lambregts.