Cibap Vakschool voor Verbeelding asked me to make a design for a construction during an exhibition during the Demo Doe Dagen in Hardenberg. The visitor of this event are childeren around the age of twelve who are looking for a new study. There needed to be space for activities and it needed to show what kind of school Cibap is.

The Cibap is kind of home to me and I want to convey this feeling to the students who visit the Demo Doe Dagen in Hardenberg. That’s why the construction has the shape of a house. Just like in a house, this school is formed by the people who live and, or work in it. These so called “voices” each have their own ideas and message. These voices are heard during openings, events and by friends and family. Teachers, students and staff of the Cibap write their voices on small cards and these will be attached to ropes in the wooden structure for the visitors of the exhibition to read.