“A raw melancholic drama in which symbolism confronts subconscious fears. The ultimate catharsis.”

For the first time middle aged artist Annet visits her father in his distant home, where she lived her childhood until the divorce of her parents. Everything in and around the house seems unchanged, but her father has aged a lot and clearly has health issues. The confrontation between both is a bit awkward, but by gifting each other experiences they try to recreate the close bond of the past. When Annet has to return home, her father insists on guiding her to the airport. Delighted by the re-found contact with each other, they enjoy their trip to the airport in the bus. A journey that will not lead to a final goodbye.

This short film a melancholic drama with absurd elements. Inspiration for the film was taken from expressionist painting, which is characterized by symbolism. Subtle humor provides perspective in the raw solitary world; a solitary world where only a few characters live. Annet is haunted by a dark, ghostly shadow; the embodiment of her guilt that she has towards her father. As the relationship flourishes, the shadow dissolves. And there is also the symbol of a male choir, which stands for love and harmony that connects the two people. The film takes place in the grounded North of the Netherlands. Where the province of Groningen gives the film a certain down to earth character, which also provides the perfect backdrop for the dreamy atmosphere.

Scenario & Director: Koenraad Bijl
Director of Photography: Daan Huttinga
Production: Rowan Groes
Music: Bas Bertrand

First Assitant Director – Nadia Morsink & Frederique Bijl | Art & Setdresser – Chantal Spalink | Gaffer – Erwin Smit | Audio Recording – Bram van Kaauwen | Camera assistant 1 – Dylan Stoel | Camera assistant 2 – Jesse Zé Soepnel | Steadycammer – Donny ter Horst | Make up & Grime – Frederique Bijl | Production assistant on set – Roza Kooijstra | Propmakers – Piet Groes & Liesbeth Evenboer | Editor – Gabriela Croes | Catering – Liesbeth Evenboer | Colorist – Judy Steenman | Color check – Erik Demeris | Sound design – Bas Bertrand