KING LEAR (2017)

A new take on an old story. The goal of this project was to combine the real world with the digital world.

The audience will experience a interactive performance where one of the participants (King Lear) is in a totally different world. The audience does not see what this world looks like and how it sounds. The narrator (Nar) will move around Lear as a kind of dancer and, in the meantime, have a poetic relationship with the three sisters (also participants). The sisters recieve spoken text through headphones from actors in a different room. This text is used in a conversation with the other sisters. Once in a while a phones rings. One of the sisters has to pick up the phone and will talk to the Nar about King Lear. She makes a decision based on the character she represents, that will influcence the experience for the King Lear player. The sister that picks up the phone the most is allowed to visit her father (King Lear) right before he dies and recieves all the land that the king owns. The audience has a passive attitude during this experience.

This project was a collaboration with Thomas Asscheman, Eefje Crüts, Robbie de Gier, René ’t Hart, Nieneke Hartogsveld, Meike Jansen, Lisa Lambregts and Emile Ponson