LONATO (2015)

A short animation about a group of geometric organisms that flies through an abstract landscape. One of the organisms can’t keep up with the   group and crashes. He tries to catch up, but fails. He flies lonely and broken through the landscape. He then crashes again, but this time his skin falls apart and it turns out that his core has a beautiful glow. The group is nearby and our protagonist pulls himself together (litteraly) and tries to catch up with them again. He meets the group, but they sense something is wrong and begin to attack. As a defence our protagonist uses his skin a weapon and scares the group. The skin goes corrupt and explodes. The explosion sends the group flying and reveals their beautiful glowing core. Since all of them have the same beautiful glow they decide to rejoin and live in harmony.

This project was meant to teach us about storytelling, scripts, modelling and animation in general. Our first version took around eight weeks to complete. My focus was mainly on the design, modelling, animation and editting.

This project was a collaboration with Thomas Asscheman, Eefje Crüts, Robbie de Gier and Bram Lindhout.