MIXING FACES was a project commissioned by the Nationaal Archief in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Our project group was asked to create something that enhanced the exhibition experience. We came up with two different products.

The installation shown in the photos is a tool and experience that lets the visitors use archive material and return curatorship to them. It tries to give a more personal view within the collection on the lives of the icons. The spectator will make duos and give links between different icons or different photos of the same icon. It is not about what the creators of the exhibitions thinks is important to show but what the visitors of the exhibition thinks is important. They decide what is shown on the digital live steam within the installation. There are multiple people included in the installation. Each of these icons is also present in the exhibition. The photos used are different from the photo used in the exhibition to give the spectator a more complete view on that specific person. Maybe the spectator only knew that person from her beauty and now sees a photo of her as a hard working mechanic or that old broken man as a young little boy with a passion and connects these two individuals even though they are normally not connected in any way.

Also part of the experience are audio pieces that tell the stories of icons that are present in the exhibition. They are recorded in a more movie like style and try to be a bit different than normal audio pieces that you find in museums. They use sound effects and tell the story in a more personal and scene like atmosphere instead of dry informational text.

I took responsibility for the production and technical aspect of the installation and worked closely with the writer and sound designer of the audio pieces.

This project was a collaboration with Arthur Buchholz, Lars Koning, Celestine van Rijswijk, Bran Soeters, Carlijn van Straten and Lisa Templon.