OERSOEP (2017)

“We humans have organized all of life. Each species has been given a name. But each species is made out of the same primitive building blocks. Humans have also emerged from this primordial soup.
In this beginning however, there were no boundaries. Today we have made these boundaries liquid again. Technology and biology can flow in and out of each other. What does time, size and scale mean? Where does consciousness begin? Open yourself, listen and experience.
We have put up soft borders inside for you, within which you can move safely and freely. By placing your hand on your centrum you can show/hide yourself. When shown, you can fuse with others by holding your antennas in front of eachother.
Put on your oculus and swim freely in this primordial soup. Listen, feel and experience, until you are called again.”

An audio visual experience that tells the story of how life on earth evolved as and in different species and compares it to how technology evolves right now. Every participant carries a vest (aka the wearable) which contains sensors, LED lights and speakers. They are also partly blinded and have to rely mostly on their other senses. Participants are encouraged to make contact with themselves and other participants. They are rewarded when they do so and evolve together to a newer form of being. The environment evolves with them and once they reach their climax the environment turns to nothing again and the participants are left on their own and encouraged to follow the light and return to their normal lifes outside of the ‘Oersoep’.

This project was a collaboration with Nieneke Hartogsveld, Emile Ponson and Dorothea Mines.