PATH_TERN (2019)

PATH_TERN was a project commissioned by the Possibilize foundation and specifically made for the Sencity Festival 2019 in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht.

This project consists out of four different pieces that all took their inspiration from the translation of musical elements such as rhythm, patterns and vibrations. In these pieces the perception and perspective of the spectator are played with and the spectator is invited to move around and view the pieces from different angles. The text used to describe PATH_TERN is a following:

NL: “Een ritmisch spoor van zwart en wit. Laat je leiden en ontdek het festival vanuit verschillende hoeken. Beweeg mee en zie wat je niet ziet als je stil blijft staan.”

EN: “A rhythmic trail of black and white. Be guided and discover the festival from different angles. Move along and see what you would not see when you stand still.”

Although this project was a group project, each of us had a piece that was their main focus. My piece (as seen in the photos) consists of three square, wooden tubes on top of a metal and wooden foot. In the tubes is a small projector with a connection to a live camera. When looking into the tubes the viewer is able to get a glance at a different space within the same building. For the Sencity Festival one of the tubes had a connection to a secret area that you could normally only see with an special invitation.

This project was a collaboration with Nieneke Hartogsveld and Lisa Lambregts.