TRAP (2016)

TRAP is a short film that visualises the feeling of being trapped as the name would suggest. The name is also the dutch word for stairs because the setting of the film takes place in a staircase.

This film was the end result of a two week during workshop in filming and editing techniques. The film had to be exactly 6:30 minutes long and had to have a predetermined and randomly picked character, catchphrase, product placement and genre. Some would suggest that the main character is a cowboy lost in modern society, others would think that the cats name is cowboy. This thriller was filled with references to ‘pleegzuster bloedwijn’ which is a dutch red wine that was popular in the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century. It has been claimed that it has a beneficial and energizing effect. Something that our main character could use in his situation. And last but not least our catchphrase was “Ik ben niet links, ik ben niet rechts, ik ben rechtdoorzee”. Which translates to “I am not left, I am not right, I am straight ahead” and is basically the only way to go when you feel trapped.

I worked on the filming, set dressing and editing part in this film.

This project was a collaboration with Ruben Arents , Maickel Hartlief, Sterre Marrée and Tamara van Strien.

!!Caution this video contains loud noises and flashing imagery!!