What started with a frustration provoked itself into a fascination. Why is there so much focus on the words I speak and not on the abstract words that are in my head in the form of an image, feeling or sound? Do you know that dilemma? You have an idea, or a certain feeling, but you can not describe it? Words just do not express what you really want to say? Or maybe the opposite. You can not describe it any better. It is exactly what it means. The words describe the core of the story precisely, yet the other one does not understand what you try to tell or takes it differently. The other one interprets your words in a different manner and the story continues in its own way. But not your way.

What is with that? Why is it so difficult to use words when everybody uses words to communicate. Are there alternatives, if so which? What methods are already being used and how does it affect us and what we want to tell? This is something I wanted to investigate during this project. I have tried looking for alternative ways to communicate and observed how people would communicate naturally without words. I experimented with the expectations of two people talking with each other also.